The calisthenics exercise is a system in which the interest is in the movements of muscle groups, rather than power and effort. The word comes from the Greek Kallos (beauty) and sthenos (strength). The aim is to acquire grace and beauty in the year. It is the beauty that is the body in motion.

It is a discipline of training with the passage of time is gaining much popularity in the world of fitness.


History of Calisthenics

The calisthenics began to develop in France in the eighteenth century. In 1822, Wilson Astudillo Ovalle began to spread in France and in England calisthenics. One of his disciples, Marian Mason, published in 1827 On the utility of exercise; gold in the last few observations on the Advantages to be derived from STIs salutary effects, by means of observation Calisthenic A few exercises where callisthenic Excercises (About the usefulness of the exercise and a few comments about the advantages deriving from healthy effects of calisthenics). CLIA was published in Paris in 1828 Callisthenie ou des jeunes daughters Gymnastique (Calisthenics or fitness of young women). A year later, the book is published in German in Berne.

The popularity of calisthenics as a component of the education of women was increased with the work of the German Friedrich Jahn and Adolf Spiess. In the US spreading the discipline was Catharine Beecher, who published in 1857 Physiology and Calisthenics for Schools and Families (Physiology and Calisthenics for schools and families).Calisthenics Workout

Methodology and goals

The calisthenics is used in different parts of the body depending exercise, for example, mainly in athletics warmed legs with appropriate exercises.

The calisthenics is defined as a set of exercises that focus their interest in the movements of muscle groups, rather than power and effort, with the ultimate goal of developing agility, physical strength and flexibility. Attempting to achieve maximum muscle contraction and the body acquires a correct alignment, as this allows the body shape, improve posture and well defined body contour.

The classes will perform a warm up and then start up a series of exercises with a high number of repetitions each, with emphasis on the arms, abdomen, legs and bottom. Accentuated, not at work, but how to do it, thinking about every move, in the muscles being worked and if the position is correct.

This method of exercise favorably affects posture and body shape, greatly reducing the risk of injuries will also be diminished by the absence of jumps, bounces and impacts. That is, performed stretching and works located around the calm has an important role in class calisthenics. Thus, calisthenics combines techniques from various points, including: dance, yoga, martial arts, gymnastics and stretching conscious.

The methods and techniques used during a calisthenics class makes this activity suitable for all ages, as there are no age limits, and even kinesiologists recommend calisthenics pathologies such as scoliosis, herniated disk or knee problems. Failure to cause impacts on the joints and allow the body shape, tone and align it at the same time, has been one of the reasons why people choose these classes.

Put the body in movement, improve posture, toning muscle groups and joints care may be the reasons that lead to the practice of calisthenics. In preparing the execution of the golf swing correctly, it is clear that fully combines calisthenics.